Rookies & Kids Cup

Postponement St. Kassian

Before you can start with the series registration, we have to inform you about an unforeseen date change. The races of the PROPAIN Rookies Cup and VPACE Kids Cup, which will take place in the beautiful St. Kassian (ITA), will be postponed from August 4-6 to August 25-27, 2023.

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On Thursday at 5 pm the series registration for all our cups will open. Just in time we received the news that the event in St. Kassian has to be postponed. The race will now take place from August 25th to 27th. The reason for this postponement is that in the originally planned period the local farmer expects that the hay will be ready for harvesting soon. If the hay has not been harvested before the races take place, there would be a great loss for the farmer, as his meadow has to be crossed several times.

VPACE Kids Cup St. Kassian 2022_45.jpg

The event in St. Kassian represents a highlight in the racing calendar every year. The tranquil village is located in the Italian municipality of Badia at an altitude of 1537 meters. The imposing rock faces of the Dolomites complete this unique scenery. In addition, perfect weather conditions can be found here most of the time and the course guarantees a high fun factor. In order to ensure that this beautiful venue remains available for our racing events in the future, we must act sustainably here and maintain relationships. By moving the date back by three weeks, the race will be able to take place without further complications.

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Here you can find the updated race calendar for the PROPAIN Rookies Cup:

Date Race Venue Country
18.05.23 RDC #1 Winterberg Germany
16.06.-18.06.23 RDC #2 Oberhof Germany
07.07.-09.07.23 RDC #3 Saalbach Austria
25.08.-27.08.23 RDC #4 St. Kassian/Alta Badia Italy
21.09.-24.09.23 RDC #5 / IRC Schladming Austria