• Jakob Pracek dominates in Oberhof

    A U15 rider is today´s fastest

In contrast to the first race of the series, the conditions were perfect this time. Oberhof offered dry weather and the usual relaxed atmosphere to around 300 participants from 18 nations.

Jakob Pracek RDC Oberhof 2024

Jakob Pracek from Slovenia was fastest of the day with a time of 1:35.836 minutes

Anyone familiar with Oberhof from winter sports broadcasts will have noticed that the conditions at the Rookies Cup have always been completely different. This is because in summer, the venue for various ski and luge World Cups is not shrouded in fog and rain, but often has quite reasonable weather. And so it was again this time when the third round of the 2024 PROPAIN Rookies Cup took place in the ridges of the Thuringian Forest.

In addition to the actual event of the Rookies race, the VPACE Kids Cup was held for the third time in a row as an accompanying programme. This is now a permanent fixture and over 100 children between the ages of five and ten took the opportunity to gain their first racing experience. Some of them even dared to take a look at the race track of the subsequent format and marvelled at the skills of the rookies.

Leopold Bertelmann RDC Oberhof 2024

Leopold Bertelmann - a U13 rider with a lot of style

Speaking of skills, the PROPAIN Rookies Cup is now the absolute talent factory for young European talent. The standard is so high that it is no longer just the occasional future greats of the discipline that can be spotted. There is clearly a large pool of athletes who can be predicted to have a promising career. Especially in the young classes, the most promising talents from the individual nations find their way to the races. The view from the side of the track is great fun, because it's incredible how stylish and fast the rookies race down the track.

Veronika Wittenzellner RDC Oberhof 2024
Unknown Rider RDC Oberhof 2024 4
Open Junior U19 RDC Oberhof 2024
Kids U11 RDC Oberhof 2024
Emotions Girls U13 U15 RDC Oberhof 2024
Emma Bindhammer RDC Oberhof 2024
Awards Kids U11 RDC Oberhof 2024
Awards Girls U17 U19 RDC Oberhof 2024
Thuringian Championship RDC Oberhof 2024

Podium Thuringia Championships: Lino Donath-Franke, Pepe Weise, Moritz Junghans

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