Effektiv from: January 1st.2024

Latest Update: June 4th, 2024 §13, §17

The series consists of five separate international races. All races are financial, legal and sporting independent. The General Regulations and the rules of BDR, FCI and ÖRV apply to all races.

§ 1 Registration

Every rider has to use the registration form on

Unlicenced riders under age of 18 require a declaration of consent by their parents or other legal guardian. They have to deliver the signed form at the number board handing out.

The transfer/delivery of a starting slot, to third parties is always precluded.

§ 2 Registration deadline

Registration and payment deadline is always on Thursday 23h59 one week before the races. If the registered starter cannot attend the race, they have no right to reclaim the registration fee. If the registration quota is reached the organizers reserve the right to close registration prematurely. There is no claim for a late registration on site.

The registration will be valid when the registration process is completed and the PayPal payment was made. If the fee is received on the account a confirmation e-mail will be sent.

§ 3 Registration Fee/Transportation Fee

The fee to attend the race is Euro 60, if received before the registration deadline.

This amount includes start fee, series fee and fees for the transportation from the finish area to the start via shuttle or lift/gondola.

After the registration deadline the fee increases to Euro 80.

Participants must bear the additional handling fee.

§ 4 Number plates

Every rider gets a new number board at every race. Number plates must be fixed in front of the handlebar and should readable throughout the competition. It is strictly prohibited to alter the number boards in any manner.

The starting numbers will be reserved for the pre-registered drivers and will be assigned according to the series standings.

The placing of additional advertisement on the number boards is strictly prohibited.

§ 5 Starters

The races are open to professionals and hobby riders.

§ 6 Starting interval

Starting interval between riders is 30 seconds.

§ 7 Starting order

The organizers will publish the start list at least one hour before the race begins.

All starting times are binding. In the event of delays or interruptions the starting order is to be maintained.

For the final run, the starting order will be in accordance with the results of the seeding run. The order in the seeding run complies with the current total results of the series.

§ 8 DNF - Did Not Finish

To compete in the final race run, all riders must start their seeding run/qualification and cross the start line. It is not necessary to cross the finish line (DNF). Riders listed as DNF will be added near or at the front of their category for the race run.

§ 9 Red Flag

If a competitor’s run is interrupted by a red flag then this must be reported immediately to the race commission by the competitor.

In case f the run will be restarted the competitor has to go back to the start immediately without altering his equipment. The new start time will be communicated by the race commission.

§ 10 Classification

Class Year of Birth Category
Kids U11: 2014 - 2015 licence and non-licence / male and female
Boys U13: 2012 - 2013 licence and non-licence / male
Boys U15: 2010 - 2011 licence and non-licence / male
Girls U13/U15: 2010 - 2013 licence and non-licence / female
Girls U17/U19: 2006 - 2009 licence and non-licence / female
Youth U17: 2008 - 2009 non-licence / male
Pro U17 male: 2008 - 2009 licence / male
Open Junior U19: 2006 - 2007 licence and non-licence / male
Open Women 2005 and older licence and non-licence / female

§ 11 Obligatory training

All competitors must ride two practice runs during the obligatory training session. The training runs will be registered and the riders can start at the seeding run only with the registration. Each obligatory training run must begin from the official starting point and must end in the finish area.

§ 12 Equipment

The following safety gear is required for every racer: Protectors for:

  • elbows
  • knees
  • back and chest
  • full face helmet
  • gloves with full hand protection

In additional it is recommended to wear a neck brace.

Integral helmets (full-face helmets) must be certified to the following standards:

  • MTB Downhill helmet certified to EN1078 and ASTM F1952
  • Motocross helmet certified to ECE 22-05 „P“, „NP“, „J“ or SNELL M 2010 or SNELL M 2015

Helmet straps must be closed on course.

The local organizer is responsible for enforcing compliance with gear regulations. Failure to comply with gear regulations will result in disqualification.

§ 13 Technical condition of bikes, euipment and clothing

Every rider is responsible for the bike, the material and the protection equipment. The condition, quality and construction are to ensure the safety for riders, competitors or other persons. The equipment/safety gear must be marked with a seal of approval of an international inspecting authority.

The organization refers to the safety rules and racing agreement defined by the national federations.

Action cameras are only permitted during training and must be attached to the helmet shield or a dedicated mount as specified by the helmet manufacturer. Chest mounts are not permitted.

Headphones and earplugs are not allowed during traniing or race runs.

§ 14 Awards Ceremony

The first three riders will be honoured with a ceremony, 30 min after the race. A subsequent handing out of trophies or prizes is excluded.

Whilst attending the podiums, all riders must wear their race kit or a copy of (jersey and trousers/pants).

§ 15 Day prizing

The first three riders of each class win non-cash prizes. The organizer is not responsible for a subsequent handing out of these prizes.

§ 16 Awards Ceremony overall ranking

The awards ceremony of the overall ranking will be executed at the last race of the season. The first three riders of each class win non-cash prizes.The organizer is not responsible for a subsequent handing out of these prizes.

§ 17 Points for total results

The overall result consists of the results of four seeding runs and four final runs.

The total result will be published on

Points in the final run: Youth U17 and Boys U15 up to the 50th place:

Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points
1 160 11 50 21 30 31 20 41 10
2 130 12 48 22 29 32 19 42 9
3 110 13 46 23 28 33 18 43 8
4 95 14 44 24 27 34 17 44 7
5 85 15 42 25 26 35 16 45 6
6 75 16 40 26 25 36 15 46 5
7 70 17 38 27 24 37 14 47 4
8 65 18 36 28 23 38 13 48 3
9 60 19 34 29 22 39 12 49 2
10 55 20 32 30 21 40 11 50 1

Points in the final run: all classes except Youth U17 and Boys U15 up to place 20:

Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points
1 75 5 34 9 20 13 11 17 4
2 60 6 29 10 17 14 9 18 3
3 48 7 26 11 15 15 7 19 2
4 40 8 23 12 13 16 5 20 1

Points in the seeding run: Youth U17 and Boys U15 up to the 30th place:

Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points
1 60  30  13 18  19  12  25 
2 50  8 28  14 17  20  11  26 
3 43  9 26  15 16  21  10  27 
4 38  10 24  16 15  22  28 
5 35 11 22 17 14 23 8 29 2
6 32 12 20 18 13 24 7 30 1

Points in the seeding run: all classes except Youth U17 and Boys U15 up to place 10:

Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points
1 30 3 20  5 12 7 6 9 2
2 25  4 15 6 9 8 4 10 1

§ 18 Protest

According to the national sports regulations any objections raised against results or disqualifications as well as reporting any contravening of the rules should be addressed to the race commission.

§ 19 Responsibilities

Riders attend the race on their own account and at their own risk. The rider is responsible for the safety of his bike and clothes. The organization is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any injuries and damages as results of any action during the whole racing weekend.

All riders are responsible for insurance cover concerning damages based on the participations in the race.

§ 20 Waiver of liability

The participations dispense with the registration altogether regarding indemnity claim or regress towards the organizer, designee, commissaries, authorities or other person in association with the event.

The liability waiver comes into effect upon registration with the organization. Over and above this no further claims can be made. Specifically excluded from liability are intercycle AG, Sports Nut GmbH and Racement GmbH. The organization keeps the right to make any necessary changes or even to cancel the whole race according to safety problems, official orders, government laws and other unforeseen events at any time in the race without obligations regarding indemnifications.

The subscribers of the registration accept the terms and conditions of the regulations concerning the implementation of the competition, other specific determinations of the event and the responsibilities and waiver of liability.

The participants confirmed explicitly the correctness of all data of the registration.

§ 21 Withdrawal

The racing officials hold the right to withdraw starters if they feel there is a danger for the starter or any other person.

The racing doctor can advise the race organisers that due to medical reasons a rider should be withdrawn from the event. If the race organiser follow the recommendation, the rider will have their number board removed and will be withdrawn from the event. The withdrawn rider will not be eligible for a refund or a transfer.

If the race organisers believe a rider is not capable to tackle the race course they reserve the right to withdraw the rider from the event on grounds of their safety and that of the other riders and spectators. The withdrawn rider will not be eligible for a refund or a transfer.

§ 22 Data protection

By submitting an application to take part in a race the participants also allow the Cup organization and the event organizers to use personal data for campaigns and activities connected to the events. The organizers shall have unlimited rights to publish pictures and video material of the participants, to forward these to press representatives and to use them for marketing activities. There is no factual and time limitation.